TheraBand Pro Series SCP Burst Resistant Exercise Balls

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Pro Series SCP Burst Resistant Exercise Balls

The TheraBand Pro Series SCP Burst Resistant Exercise Balls are designed with maximum durability. In the event, the ball does rupture the slow deflate technology ensures the user's safety. These are packages with two plugs, an inflation adapter, and a guided poster detailing 24 exercises. The first four sizes are available in retail packaging for resale. All sizes are available in Bulk packaging for clinic use.  

  • Latex Free
  • Maximum durability
  • Helps increase range of motion and strength
  • Great for active stretching, aerobics, and therapy
  • Slow deflation for your safety
  • Superior Comfort
  • Built-in latitudinal ridges
  • Package includes Exercise ball, Exercise Poster, Inflation adapter, and two inflation plugs.


TheraBand is a leader in resistance band products and continues to innovate today just as they did over 30 years ago when they pioneered the field. Their line now includes exercise balls, stability trainers, FlexBars, a range of motion products, self-massage products, hand therapy products, aquatic exercise tools, and much more. Thera-Band is committed to maintaining the quality, effectiveness, and durability of their products.

Inflatable Exercise Ball

Exercise balls can be utilized to improve balance, coordination, core strength, and Flexibility. They are used in a wide range of exercise and therapeutic techniques including Fitness programs, equilibrium therapy, birthing classes, and muscle and joint rehabilitation. They can be used at home or in the workplace as a substitute for chairs engaging the core and improving posture while you sit at your desk. Overall exercise balls over versatile options for exercise.


Patient Height Ball Size
4'7" - 5'1" Yellow (45cm)
5'1" - 5'6" Red (55cm)
5'7" - 6'1" Green (65cm)
6'2" - 6'8" Blue (75cm)
Over 6'9" Silver (85cm)


TheraBand Community

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TheraBand Pro Series SCP Burst Resistant Exercise Balls