Our Story

"Healthcare Shops" begins with an idea of self-care shop that people can treat and cure themselves at home. In 2016, This idea has been started in Toronto, Canada with Dr. Foot Store which focuses on foot products, then after 3 years of great experience with our customers in online shopping, our store was expanded to Healthcare Shops to represent all kind of Healthcare products to patients and practitioners, and also our storefronts were opens in Toronto and Markham.
"Healthcare Shops", number one online store to provide the best of healthcare products, with a focus on great 24/7 customer service. We serve a wide selection of health-related products such as Orthopedic Footwear (Shoe, Sandal, Slipper, and boot), orthopedic Brace, therapeutic socks, home medical devices, Hot & Cold Therapy, Footcare products and so on.

Our vision

We want to have a store where people can get the self-care products they always wanted. We are one of the few self-care merchants on the market and we strive to ensure that every patient receives the necessary care as quickly as possible. With the right selfcare merchants every person receives the ultimate support and assistance, and we strive to offer the ultimate set of solutions you can always rely on.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to provide people that are in dire need of healthcare products with outstanding solutions that they can always rely on. We truly believe in value and quality and we make sure that you can get the results you need no matter the situation.

What do we offer you?

We try to represent all kind healthcare products that help people to be treated that they are categorized into
4 parts for patients:
1- Footwears: Orthopedic shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Boots and ...
2- Custom Made Orthotics & Insoles
3- Braces & Orthosis
4- Socks: Compression Stocking, Diabetic Socks, ...
5- Healthcare Accessories: Cream, Gels, In-home Medical Devices, ....

3 parts for Practitioners:
1- Diagnostic
2- Therapeutic
3- Accessories