Posture Medic - Posture Corrector + Exercise BandPosture Medic - Posture Corrector + Exercise Band
The Posture Medic can help you improve your posture and strengthen your back and core muscles. By doing the stretches...
StimTec NEO Tens, EMS, IFC, Microcurrent UnitStimTec NEO Tens, EMS, IFC, Microcurrent Unit
The StimTec Neo is the perfect solution that brings electrotherapy anywhere you need it. The unit comes with...
StimTec Plus TENS & EMS UnitStimTec Plus TENS & EMS Unit
Start feeling better with StimTec Plus TENS / EMS unit. The StimTec PLUS comes with retail box and...
Health Medics ErgoBack BackrestHealth Medics ErgoBack Backrest
The ErgoBack or ErgoChair™ has a dynamic patented design that transforms ordinary chairs into ergonomically sound seating in...
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