TheraBand High Resistance Bands

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Backed by over 40 years of professional use, TheraBand is trusted by clinicians, professional athletes, and everyday fitness enthusiasts to help improve flexibility, injury rehabilitation, and full-body workouts. TheraBand High Resistance Bands provide new levels of resistance ranging from 15 to 50 pounds. Ideal for use in more advanced rehabilitation and recovery, the high resistance bands are designed to safely add resistance without heavyweights, making it a great alternative to expensive gym equipment while still meeting all of your exercise needs! Each 41" band includes a visual resistance indicator, determined by the thickness of the band, which allows users to recognize improvement and provides at-a-glance documentation of progress from one level to the next. Estimated resistance levels are based on pull forces to stretch band between 100% and 200% elongation.

    • Designed to improve sports performance, elevate fitness and increase strength, these heavy-duty bands add tension to common exercises or assistive pull-ups and dips
    • The convenient and portable product helps strengthen torn ligaments or muscles in the clinic, the gym, at home or on-the-go
    • Bands measure 0.25” thick and are made from a highly durable, natural latex rubber that is built to last even after being stretched repeatedly day after day during exercise
    • Color-coded progressive resistance system allows users to recognize improvement as it happens, as you grow stronger you can move up to the next color
    • TheraBand High Resistance Bands include: Light (15 lbs), Medium (25 lbs)​,​​Heavy (35 lbs), and X-Heavy (50 lbs)

Band Color Resistance Level Weight
Orange Light 15 lbs
Green Medium 25 lbs
Blue Heavy 35 lbs
Purple X-Heavy 50 lbs



TheraBand High Resistance Bands