Cefar® Basic

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A pain relief stimulator meeting all the basic needs

Cefar Basic offers TENS programs for most of the common pain indications. Cefar Basic has 3 preset treatment programs: TENS Conventional, TENS Burst, and Modulated TENS (pulse width) programs.


  • Cefar Easy Touch™: Automatic Intensity Adjustment - At the press of a button, the intensity is automatically set and adjusted according to the results of the Autotest analysis. Cefar Easy Touch™ makes treatment easier and ensures stimulation takes place at an optimal and effective level
  • Backlit Screen: The Cefar Basic has a larger screen and the backlight makes it much easier to read, even if the surrounding light is poor. Other advantages: pause function, program lock, key lock, compliance, self check
  • Two year warranty

The CEFAR BASIC has three preset programs. If you have received TENS treatment from a physiotherapist, follow the advice you received from them about the choice of program and placement of electrodes.

Program 1, Conventional TENS

High-frequency stimulation is the first choice for both acute and chronic pain. It blocks the pain so that it feels much milder, or can’t be felt at all. Program 1 can be used for: neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, rheumatic pain, menstrual cramps, phantom pain, hip pain, osteoarthritis of the knee and to help heal wounds

Program 2, Burst TENS

Low-frequency TENS treatment can alleviate pain by stimulating muscles to release the body’s own morphine-like substances, endorphins. Place the electrodes on a muscle in the painful area so that a visible contraction occurs. Low-frequency stimulation is usually most effective for pains that radiate out into the arms and legs (projecting pain), deep muscle pain or when the effects of high-frequency TENS don’t last long enough.

Program 3, Modulated pulse duration stimulation

Modulated pulse duration stimulation is a type of high-frequency stimulation. The length of each pulse varies continuously, giving an undulating sensation, which many people find very pleasant. Program 3 can be used for the same symptoms as program 1, or if you want to ease pain and massage the muscles, for example in the neck.



Cefar® Basic