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Diabetic orthotics are designed especially for diabetic patients or patients with sensitives foot type. These orthotics are constructed in such a way that it alleviates the pressure points under the foot, thereby preventing the ulcers from forming. This orthotic is the best choice for people who are diabetic and who have highly sensitive feet.
Best to use with: Casual lace-up or comfortable walking shoes
Shell Density: Multi-density EVA, 1/8” plastazote plus 1/16” Poron
Length: Full
Patient: Patients with diabetic or sensitive feet conditions. Designed for relieving of high-pressure areas on the foot and prevent the formation of ulcers.

Please Note: The Orthotics ordered through Orthotic Online are custom made, however not Insurable as no Practitioner has conducted the Biomechanical Examination and no Dispense is made by any Practitioner.


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