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Similar to our sports orthotics, Ortho Shock orthotics are designed specifically for people who actively run either recreationally or competitively by providing greater shock absorption qualities and motion control. This type of orthotic is the best choice for runners who need motion control and shock absorption while running.
Best to use with: Running, high or performance shoes
Shell Density:2 mm, 3 mm 
Length: Sulcus, Full
Patient: Designed for full control of the gait and protection against high impact sports activities. Moderate to maximum biomechanical control.

Please Note: The Orthotics ordered through Orthotic Online are custom made, however not Insurable as no Practitioner has conducted the Biomechanical Examination and no Dispense is made by any Practitioner.


Take a look through our current product lineup and find the orthotic, work boot or sandal that best suits your needs. (Don’t see or know what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered with our Ask The Consulting System which allows you to contact our orthotic professionals which will advise you on finding the perfect product.)
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