Health Medics Moist Heat Neck Wrap

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The beads in moist heat pack draw moisture from the air and release it as clean, deep-penetration moist heat when microwave. No need to add water. Also available as a Back Wrap.


  1. May provide relief from arthritis, back pain, shoulder pain, cramps and muscle stiffness effectively for up to 30 minutes
  2. Portable, washable and reusable
  3. Ready in a minute, microwavable
  4. Odor & Bacteria free
  5. Non-toxic & latex free, non-allergenic
  6. Can also be used for cold therapy
  7. Safe & easy to use

Measures 52 cm x 19 cm

How to use:

For Moist Heat Therapy: Place the moist heat pack into a clean microwave oven. If it is necessary to fold the pack to fit in your microwave, fold it loosely. Halfway through the heating cycle, remove it and reverse the fold. Continue heating the remaining time. Microwave ovens vary.

Begin by heating 1 MINUTE. Remove the product from the microwave and touch test. If additional heat is required, place the item in the microwave for 15 seconds. This can be repeated as necessary to achieve the desired temperature. DO NOT exceed 2 MINUTES 30 SECONDS in total. When used for moist heat 3 or 4 times continuously, a decrease in moisture output may occur. Simply let the product rest for 2 to 3 hours. For Soothing Cold: place the product in the freezer for more than 2 hours and apply as needed. Because moist heat pack delivers a soothing cold, it feels more comfortable and drier than ice or gel packs. 

Caution: To avoid tissue damage heat or cold should not be continuously applied for longer than thirty minutes during any two-hour period. Consult your doctor or pharmacies about your source of pain and appropriate treatments. Use adult supervision for young children or elderly person.



    Health Medics Moist Heat Neck Wrap