Health Medics 3-in-1 Myofascial Massage Roller

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Why choose just one, when you can have them all!

The new Health Medics Essentials 3-in-1 MYOFASCIAL MASSAGE ROLLER  Health Medics 3-in-1 Myofascial Massage Roller is three massage rollers in one convenient 18" (46 cm) long package. All three rollers fit inside one another for compact storage and transportation. Includes 2 rolls, roller massager and instructions in bilingual retail-ready packaging. 

rolls-expanding.pngFIRM OUTER ROLL

Diameter 6 inches / 15 cm Ideal for large muscle groups where your full weight will help create a deep myofascial massage. Rigid enough to use as a stretching and exercise tool.


Diameter 4 inches / 10 cm The scalloped surface compresses and releases the tissue, mobilizing connective tissues with softer foam. Ideal for areas that are too sensitive for the firm roll.


Diameter 1.5 inches / 3.8 cm Features easy-grip handles and rigid rotating nodules. Easily target awkward areas such as neck and back plus small regions such as biceps and forearm.

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Health Medics 3-in-1 Myofascial Massage Roller