StimTec NEO Tens, EMS, IFC, Microcurrent Unit

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The StimTec Neo is the perfect solution that brings electrotherapy anywhere you need it. The unit comes with unit, soft case, lithium battery, battery charger, lead wires and user manual. There are 40 Programs to choose from which makes it easy to get started and get effective treatment. The unit features a lock button to avoid accidental changes to your program and the last program used is locked into the memory memory, even if the battery is removed! The lithium rechargeable battery with low battery indicator lets you know when you need more juice.  This is a great treatment option for acute and chronic pain.


  • Includes 4 StimTec Supreme Electrodes (2" x 2")
  • 40 Preset Programs
  • Rechargeble Lithium Battery
  • Adjustable program Timers
  • Electrode Placement Guide
  • Backlit LED Screen
  • Dual Channel
  • Portable Electrotherapy.

22 T.E.N.S. Modes: 14 Preset Programs + 7 Manual Modes

  • Intensity 0-150 mA zero to peak at 500ohm load
  • Frequency 1-150 Hz
  • Pulse width 50 -250µs in steps of 10µs
  • Waveform Symmetrical bi-phase rectangular<
  • Asymmetrical bi-phase rectangular Mono-phase rectangular

13 E.M.S. Modes: 9 Preset Programs + 2 Manual Modes

  • Intensity 0-150mA zero to peak at 1000ohm load each channel
  • Frequency 1-110 Hz
  • Pulse width Positive phase: 50-400µs, in steps of 50µs
  • Waveform Symmetrical bi-phase rectangular,
  • Symmetrical bi-polar rectangular
  • Ramp up time 0-5s in steps of 0.25s
  • Ramp downtime 0-5s in steps of 0.25s
  • On-time 1-60s in steps of 1s
  • Off time 0-60s in steps of 1s

2 Microcurrent Modes: 1 Preset Program + 1 Manual Mode

  • Frequency 94Hz fixed (A)/ 0.5,8,80Hz(B)
  • Pulse width 250uS fixed (A),2.1ms fixed (B)
  • Waveform Mono-phase rectangular

3 IFC Manual Modes: 

  • Carrier Frequency 4000Hz fixed (CH1)
  • Modulating Frequency 4004-4160Hz, in steps of 4Hz (CH2)
  • Phase width 125µs
  • Waveform Symmetrical balanced Sine wave


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      StimTec NEO Tens, EMS, IFC, Microcurrent Unit